GP in A&E

Helping to relieve pressure on hospital accident and emergency departments

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There is immense, and increasing, pressure on hospital accident and emergency departments.

This always peaks over the winter season, as many people attend with flu like symptoms and frail patients find it harder to cope.

Having a GP within accident and emergency means that those patients whose symptoms can be dealt with by a GP can be seen quickly, given either medicine or a prescription, or sent for further follow up within the hospital, and do not add to the waiting time for the department.  

The service started at the end of October 2017. Patients were quickly seen by an a&e nurse and where appropriate referred to the GP working that day. Feedback was extremely positive from all sides – the patients appreciated the speed and the fact that they could see a doctor straight away, the hospital staff felt it really helped the department and the GPs themselves enjoyed the experience of working in, and with, the Royal Surrey. The service stopped after the Easter weekend in 2018. It may return for winter 2018/19.