Dr Philip Ridsdill Smith

Procare’s Chief Executive and GP Partner at Haslemere Health Centre

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Dr Philip Ridsdill Smith

Experienced General Practitioner with a passion for improving local health services.

Phil has been CEO of Procare Health since October 2015. He has been a GP Partner at Haslemere Health Centre since 1998.

He has a passion for improving the local health and social care economy and has worked on many projects and Clinical Boards over the years. He was seconded to the Department of Health from 2013-15 where he worked in the Secretary of State's Office on Proactive Care and the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund. He is one of the founder members of NHS Collaborate.

Phil says "GP Federations are a core part of the new ways of working that GPs are embracing. They enable us to work together as GP practices to reduce duplication and improve efficiency. Our ambition is to reduce the gaps which occur when there is a multitude of different care providers. We believe that as we bring together GP practices with key partners in the health, social and third sector we can enhance patient care."