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Better IT to improve efficiency for busy GPs

The Procare IT group has completed various projects in order to help local GPs.

The Procare IT Group is a collection of local GPs with an interest in IT, who have created efficiencies for working for GPs and their teams, through several projects. 

These include the use of Dual screens for GPs and their staff in order that the patient notes can be seen side by side with letters about that individual. 

They also rolled out Phase 1 of a macro software to automate regular tasks. Due to Windows 10 refresh this project was temporarily stopped, but is due to be restarted.

They also helped to secure the use of the Clarity software, Teamnet for practices to use as a local intranet but also as a way to connect with the ICP and RSFT.

In addition to this they are looking at ongoing ways new technology can help the modern day patient and GP. For example in the Guildford East PCN they introduce video conferencing equipment for practices to help them to communicate with each other without the need for travel, particularly useful in Covid times.