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Adult Community Services

Adult Community Health Services in Guildford and Waverley are run in a local joint venture between Procare and the Royal Surrey Foundation Trust

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Adult Community Services for Guildford and Waverley are run in a joint venture between Procare and the Royal Surrey Foundation Trust.

This joint venture puts primary care back at the heart of patient care. It is the first contract of its kind in the country, with an acute trust partnering with a GP federation.

Adult community health services provide care to patients in the community; maintaining their health and independence and preventing unnecessary hospital admission. They include services like district nursing, podiatry, rehabilitation beds, therapists and the Minor Injuries unit at Haslemere Hospital. They complement the services provided by GP practices, Royal Surrey County Hospital and other healthcare organisations.

Our ambition in running these services is to improve the integration between GP, Community and Hospital services so that they work more closely together. We know that we can provide a better service for the individual if the system works as one, allowing our teams work more closely together and the information to be available to support their patient throughout their illness.

The video and case study document below shows how our teams have built an amazing collaborative relationship to improve discharge processes and patient outcomes. 

NHSBN Community Nursing Discharge Team case study